You can write down the limits that you set for yourself daily or weekly, as well as the number of drinks that you actually consume. The most straightforward way to approach this situation is to make a plan for yourself, and be firm about your boundaries if someone pushes you. This plan can be for one night, a certain length of time, or a few days every week, but it’s important to try and stick to it in order to accomplish your goal. If you’re goal is moderate drinking, the CDC defines this as two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women. However, many folks drink more than this and may not realize it qualifies as binge drinking. Koob says he likes to recommend an intuitive approach to drinking moderately.

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Just remember that there is no single approach that works for everyone. If you try one method and it doesn’t work, don’t lose hope. There are effective treatment approaches that can help you quit, so talk to your doctor or a mental health professional if you need more help finding options that will work for you. If you’ve become dependent on alcohol, cutting it out of your life may produce withdrawal symptoms, such as a rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, sweating and shaking. Psychological symptoms can include irritability, anxiety and restlessness.

How to Know When It’s Time to Cut Back

Finding pleasure in other activities is one cornerstone of the program. Express your concerns in a caring way and encourage your friend or family member to get help. Try to remain neutral and don’t argue, lecture, accuse, or threaten. If you’ve decided to stop using alcohol, it’s important to celebrate your successes. When you reach a milestone, treat yourself to something you enjoy.

tips to quit drinking

Be cool about withdrawal symptoms

With less alcohol in your life, you’re likely to have clearer skin, better sleep, and you may see a boost in your overall mood. Some people also lose weight as they taper off their drinking. Once you’ve cut back on your drinking tips to quit drinking (so you’re at or below the recommended guidelines), examine your drinking habits regularly to see if you’re maintaining this level of drinking. Some people attain their goal only to find that old habits crop up again later.

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tips to quit drinking

Furthermore, eating while you drink can change how your body processes the alcohol. The primary causes of death were alcohol and other poisonings, motor-vehicle accidents, and alcohol-related liver disease. Self Recovery uses a holistic treatment model that considers the underlying causes of addiction and incorporates these into a self-help program. The program also takes into account life stressors such as busy schedules, family obligations, financial problems, and judgment from others. The Loosid approach is based on celebrating sobriety as a preferred lifestyle.

tips to quit drinking

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  • Consider talking to a friend, family member, or healthcare professional you trust.
  • Enlisting a spouse or friend to cut back with you, or just to offer encouragement, can help.
  • In 2023, 30 per cent of men and 26 per cent of women surveyed said they wanted to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink this year according to research by Alcohol Change UK.
  • Your liver can start to heal, your risks of heart disease and cancer go down, and you may begin to sleep better.

From month-long sobriety challenges to the Sober Curious movement, more and more people are taking a closer look at the role alcohol plays in their lives. Dark chocolate may help to lower blood pressure because of its flavonol content, which can relax blood vessels through vasodilation and improve blood flow. Smoking increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. Quitting smoking could make a big difference in your blood pressure. If you are overweight and have high blood pressure, losing weight could help normalize your blood pressure. According to the CDC, this is because with less body fat, your heart will undergo less stress pumping blood throughout the body.

  • It can also be fun to share your wins with friends and family.
  • These tips can help you get started on the road to recovery.
  • Drink a cup of soothing tea or a tall glass of water before you imbibe—once your thirst is quenched, you may not feel the need for as much—or any—alcohol.

tips to quit drinking